IT Consulting

Information Technology has become an essential component in the success of any company. Heights Global Tech has the expertise and knowledge to help companies stay on the cutting edge of technology which maximizes employee productivity and efficiency, thereby increasing profitability. We can assist in evaluating new and existing technologies and services to increase productivity while reducing cost. Heights Global Tech can create innovative solutions for complex challenges to improve value. We will be your partner, assisting in implementing or optimizing fundamental programs to provide the highest level of satisfaction for your customers. Below are some of the programs we can provide consultation and assistance in implementing:


Employers are required to provide employees with the knowledge and skills they need to perform their job. Investing in the training of employees has shown an increase in productivity, a reduction in employee turnover and a diminished requirement for close supervision.  This creates a culture that is consistent in technical discipline and practice. Providing employees training is a costly expenditure for companies who conduct their own training. Heights Global Tech is the right resource to assist companies in training and empowering their employees. We build customized training based on specific company’s goals, standards and principles. Below are some of the fundamental training programs we provide:

  • Customer Service Training
  • Quality Training
  • Information Technology Service Management Training
  • IT Vendor Management
  • IT Performance Management
  • IT Contract Lifecycle Management

Outsource Service Desk

The advantage of outsourcing is lower operational and labor costs while leveraging the experience of qualified IT professionals. HGT has the ability to relieve customers of the day-to-day pressures of supporting their IT needs. This gives them the ability to focus on the core values of their business. We have the flexibility to customize the IT support needs for any size organization and budget. HGT has the infrastructure to support customers onsite, onshore or offshore. Heights Global Tech can fill gaps in your IT support, such as, after-hour and weekend support, eliminating the need for in-house on call staff or paying overtime.

Our support services are above industry standards because of our commitment to excellence. We provide our customers insight into the operation with real time statistics, dashboards and reporting for all channels of support. Heights Global Tech has the experience with multiple channels of support which include, but not limited to, chat, email and phone. We strive to bring the insource support experience from an outsource provider.

We understand the most important asset for any organization are the employees, therefore we believe in investing in our team. All of our agents go through an extensive program of customer service, quality management and technical training. We also enable our management team by providing the necessary tools to ensure consistent support on every interaction.