Customer Service Management Program

From launching a successful CSAT program, to designing effective user surveys, we can help!

Customer management is having a thorough understanding of customers’ needs and balancing that against business objectives.Customer service is defined as the provision of service to customers before, during and after a purchase or interaction. Has the definition of customer service change over the years, the answer is clearly no. What has changed is the way customer service is measured, reported, trained and how feedback is captured and analyzed. Customer Service Management is more than just sending surveys out to customers and having them answer several questions about their interaction. Customer Service Management is analyzing customers’ demands to ensure your organization is supplying the service the customers expect. HGT will audit your current customer service program to ensure each customers’ interactions are optimized to provide the best service. Customer Satisfaction must be the number one goal for any organization.  HGT can help you build a quality management program consisting of:

  • Key Performance Indicators to measure customer experience
  • Analysis of customers’ interactions workflow
  • Employee customer service training
  • Creating surveys and analysis of the surveys to drive service delivery improvements
  • Employees utilization breakdown

In order to take customer satisfaction to the next level, customers are requiring more than just answers to their questions. They want to be heard, appreciated, and receive the white-glove service that is talked about but rarely delivered. They do not want to hear “We cannot help you or I don’t know”. Although you want to give the customers what they want, how do you know what they expect from the IT support organizations? The customer service program will help answer this question.