Empower Employees to make a difference!

How many times have you been in a store where you heard someone say the following words when describing a negative interaction with a store employee “This employee is acting like they own the company”? Have you ever sat back and thought to yourself that the problem is not with the employee but a problem with the company’s process and procedures or how the company train their employees. Companies need to give their employees authority to make a difference in the customer experience. The employees are the first line of defense on if the customer will return.

Employees Will Follow Procedures

Most employees will stay within the policy or procedures created by the company or rely on the training they received in their orientation or directions from the management team. Most employees will not go outside those company procedures walls because they do not want to lose their jobs. Employees will do exactly what the procedures tell them to do even though they know it is not great customer service. The problem is organization make the policies so tight that employees do not have any wiggle room to make adjustments. The employee should not be given free range to give away everything but the kitchen sink but they should be given options to offer the customers to improve customer relationship. The important aspect is reviewing what alternatives are cost efficient for the company. For example, the employees should be able to give a 10% discount on the product or service without a management approval if they deem there was bad service throughout the interaction with the customer. This can be easily regulated and reviewed on a daily or weekly basis by management to review who is or is not abusing the authorization. Company need to use big data being collected to evaluate the employees. Companies need to revisit their policy and procedures at least biannually.

Employees Should Be Trusted

Managers will be surprised that employees will use their additional authority for good and not evil. At the end of the day, employees are customers too and they know how they want to be treated when they interact with other companies. There needs to be a trust between the organization and the employee. If the organization does not trust their employees then maybe just maybe the organization hired the wrong employees.

“The employee is only working within the companies’ policy and procedures that they were given.”

The employees should have the ability to be heard and give feedback on how to fix the process on how to improve the interactions with the customers. Companies need to be more flexible to allow employees to use their superpowers to support the customers and improve customer service.



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